3 Hula Hoop Workouts to Robin Thick Songs that Your Body Will Love

It doesn't matter if you are new to hooping or super experienced. One song workouts are a great way to build stamina in waist hooping and beat boredom. Here are 3 hula hoop workouts to Robin Thicke songs that your body is sure to love.

1. One Song Hula Hoop Workout to Magic by Robin Thicke

One of Erica's favorite songs for hula hoop workouts! Join Erica Preston, founder of Hoop to the Rhythm® as she moves and grooves with her hoop to the soothing sounds of R&B singer Robin Thicke. This is a workout that a new or experienced hooper can follow along to and appreciate. Check it out folks!

2. One Song Hula Hoop Dance Workout to Sidestep by Robin Thicke

Moving right along, Erica Preston delivers again with a great one song hula hoop workouts to the sounds of Robin Thicke. This one is the song Sidestep off of the Something Else album. Check it out and be sure to subscribe to Hoop to the Rhythm on YouTube.

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3. One Song Hula Hoop Workout to Got 2 Be Down by Robin Thicke feat. Faith Evans

Last but surely not least, Erica Preston invites you to join her as she works out to the song Got 2 Be Down by Robin Thicke feat. Faith Evans. This song is off of the hit album entitled: The Evolution of Robin Thicke. Give this one a try and again, be sure to subscribe.

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