Where Can I Find a Hula Hoop Fitness Class Near Me?

Where Can I Find a Hula Hoop Fitness Class Near Me?

So you made a little impulse purchase and bought your first weighted hula hoop (affiliate link)- congratulations! Hula hooping is not just for kids; it’s also an amazing way for adults to get fit. But now, you’re probably wondering how to use it. Sometimes it can seem a bit tricky to keep the hoop spinning if you’re not used to it yet. And although weighted hula hoop weight loss is gaining huge popularity, you might find it difficult to locate a class near you if you don’t live in a big city.

But don’t despair yet! I have a few solutions for you. Read on to find out how you can start hooping.

Help! I Live in the Middle of Nowhere!

As much as I love hula hooping, I’ll be the first to admit it probably hasn’t reached the middle of St. Clairsville, Ohio or Nutbush City Limits yet (smile).

And if you have little kids or a busy home-based job, you can’t always take the time to get to an in-person class anyway. Or if you have health issues that make you vulnerable to infection, a crowded fitness class might not be the safest place for you just yet. But we still want to learn to hoop right? Don’t worry – even if you can’t find an in-person class near you, there are some fantastic alternatives.

Enter the online hula hoop fitness class!

I’m very passionate about teaching people how to hoop, and I wanted to share the joy of hooping with as many people as possible. That’s what led me to start Hoop to the Rhythm – an online community for people who love to hoop and those who want to learn. For a small subscription fee, you can get instant access to Hoop to the Rhythm’s library of content, which includes lots of weighted hula hoop exercise routines, dance lessons and more.

Online fitness classes blew up during the pandemic, and as it turns, for a lot of people, they’re pretty darn convenient. I know what you’re thinking… Online classes usually aren’t nearly as good as in-person fitness classes. This might be true for some things, but when it comes to convenience, it’s hard to beat an online fitness class. You can watch your instructor teach you how to hula hoop from the comfort of your own home. You can even hula hoop with your kids around (just watch out you don’t hit them with the hoop!).

What If I Can’t Commit to a Subscription?

I get it – sometimes you just can’t commit to paying for an online class. Don’t worry, I got you! Hoop to the Rhythm has a YouTube channel as well, with lots of free-to-watch weighted hula hoop exercise videos. If you’ve never danced with a hula hoop, I highly recommend watching these videos. The best thing about them is you can access them at your own convenience and rewind them as often as you need to. So what are you waiting for?