Hula Hooping, Fitness and Flow in One Place

Hula Hooping, Fitness and Flow in One Place

If you've found your way here, then it's probably because you have some interest in weighted hula hoop weight loss and fitness. I know that when I first discovered hula hooping as a form of exercise, I jumped straight on to Google to try to find out more. It was the start of quite a journey, and I definitely didn't expect that it would lead me to set up my own hula hooping fitness studio - but here we are!

Questions About Hooping

Back then, weighted hula hoop exercise wasn't as big as it is now, so I struggled to get the right information at first. I had lots of questions about hula hooping! How heavy should my hoop be? How do I keep the hoop spinning for longer? What else can I do with my hoop? Is bruising after hula hooping normal and how do I prevent it?!

Find Hula Hoop Fitness Videos Online

But this didn't stop me from developing my hula hooping passion. In fact, I just got more determined to learn, and now I love spreading my knowledge and teaching other people how to experience the benefits and the joys of weighted hula hoop workouts! To put my expertise to good use, I started making online hula hooping videos and content, which is what was led to the creation of Hoop to the Rhythm. We now have our own Patreon account, which is packed full of hula hooping content that you can access for a minimal fee.

Why Should I Join Hoop to the Rhythm?

With Hoop to the Rhythm, you’ll get access to hula hooping videos and audio content that target all kinds of goals - whether you want to use hula hooping as a form of fitness, for stress relief, or if you want to learn how to enter your "flow" state.

You'll Have Support in Finding Your "Hoop Flow"

When you find your hooping flow, you can let go of all your thoughts and truly focus on being in the moment. In this regard, weighted hula hoop exercise can be a similar experience to meditation. Entering the flow state is a form of mindfulness that can help you learn how to clear your mind of intrusive anxious thoughts and just experience being in your body.

Hooping is Easier Than You Think

And hula hooping is a truly accessible activity – it's not difficult to start hooping even as a beginner. And what many people don't realize when they first start hula hooping is that there is so much more you can do with your hoop. Hula hoop dance is a whole other world!

By joining our online hula hooping classes, you get expert guidance to start you on your hula hooping journey. And if you're struggling to motivate yourself to get moving, then being part of a supportive community can give you the boost you need.

What Do I Get if I Join?

Hoop to the Rhythm's Patreon offers a range of membership levels to suit everybody.

  • Full library access
  • Workouts on the go via the Patreon App
  • Exclusive content
  • Hula hoop fitness and dance tutorials & lessons
  • Fitness planning bundle (PDF download)
  • Exclusive Lens Access
  • More!

If this sounds like your thing, then click this link and join my Patreon to start hooping!

Enter the online hula hoop fitness class!